Besides fully custom headlight and tail light builds, we also offer in-house lighting upgrades for your vehicle. HID kits, LED kits, Fog lights, Light bars, Headlight restoration, and wiring. Outlines of our rates are below.


 Dynamic HID Kit/Xenon Upgrade: Our HID kits will provide a new level of light to your existing headlights. Locations such as Low beam, High beam and fog lights are available. Fine tuned for the Pacific Northwest we have designed our kits to provide phenomenal light output and reliability for whatever conditions you may run into. Utilizing a 6000 Kelvin in the majority of our kits provides our customers with a pure white for long distance visibility with a touch of blue for long distance reflection for road signage! 

 Dynamic LED Kits: Our LED kits are not your average Ebay or Amazon kit. We know there are so many options available but we also recognize most of them are junk! Most clients contact us when their $40 LED kit they got online has failed and the reason for this is heat! Believe it or not LED's do get hot and when this occurs the solder points in which the chips are mounted get soft and start failing. Another issue is when you install a kit into a sealed housing with no ventilation the life of these LED bulbs start failing at a expedited rate. This is why we have partnered with the best companies in the business to develop a kit that will last and outperform anything on the market! But remember not every headlight works well with LED's so leave it to us to make a proper recommendation for your vehicle to ensure your getting the best light output possible.    
 LED Light Bars: We offer the complete package when it comes to external accent lighting. Partnering with companies like Vision X, Rigid, Baja Designs, and Diode Dynamics to provide our customers with not only the highest quality products on the market but also the brightest! Not all light bars are created equal and not all clients are the same! When you want the best light output money can buy and need the cleanest install available we are your solution with many Bluetooth and external screen controllers the options are endless! Need custom brackets? No problem! Want your custom controller flushed into your cockpit? We have a 3D Printer in house to design and provide our clients with #oneofakind integration! 
 Audiophile level Audio/Video systems: Many customers don't think audio when they think of Headlights NW but with over 14 years of 12V Car Audio experience we can provide you the total package! We do not offer the typical Deck and 4 speaker packages like you will find in all the car audio shops... what you will find is a custom tailored audio system that will blow your mind! HiFi car audio is a art and we recognize that it is not for everyone and we are OK with that! We have designed and seamlessly installed our systems in vehicles like Aston Martins, SEMA vehicles, COE custom vehicles, even daily driven cars and trucks! Whatever your passion is, no matter the genre of music you enjoy, we are the solution for your car audio experience!