Custom Headlights and Tail Lights

We have solutions for every type of customer. If you want the best light output without all the extras we have your solution! If you want to stand out from the rest with one of a kind touches then we have you covered there too! Below you will find basic breakdowns of anything you could imagine to get started with your night driving or show upgrade today!


 Headlight Split/Reseal - This is where it all starts! Gaining access to the internals of your Heads or Tails is essential to customize your housings. Do you have a OEM headlight or tail light that is leaking? If you simply want to get your housings resealed that's possible too and save you $$$!  

Price: $150-$300 Pair depending on the sealant used from the factory 

Projector Retrofit - Are your headlights still the stock reflector housings? Upgrade them to a projector. Not only does this increase light output by focusing the light from your bulb, but will add significantly more style to your headlights.

Price: $450-$600 for a pair

Plus Projectors 

Paint - Do you wish your headlight housings were a different color? Paint makes a huge statement with your headlights and can be done in any color you desire. We can even do custom airbrushing if you have a design or logo you wish to add.

Price: $250-$400 for a pair

Switchback Halos - Do you want the look of halos but do not want the wild colorful ones? Switchback halos are for you. They run white in color, but blink to amber when your turn signal is activated.

Price: $220 for a pair W/Labor

RGB Halos - Do you want halos that are solid in color, but can be any color? RGB Halos are the way to go. They offer color changing abilities and can be controlled right from your phone.

Price: $220 for a pair W/Labor

Starry Night Halos - Do you want solid color changing halos, but also fancy color chasing patterns and customization abilities? Starry Night Halos offer this ability. They can be synchronized for custom patterns, sequences, and colors to your liking.

Price: $350 W/Labor

Diode Dynamics RGBW Demon Eyes - Do you want that aggressive color changing "eye" in your projector? RDGW Demon Eyes can be changed to any solid color that you want and can also be controlled from your phone. 

Price: $250 per pair W/Labor

Switchback LED Strip - Do you want to add a custom and bright strip in your headlights? Switchback LED strips provide a white light while running, and blink amber when the turn signal is activated. As these are custom and will differ for each vehicle, the pricing is not uniform.

Price: Variable

 Hand made Ghozt Lighting LED - This is where true customization alongside #oneofakind lighting comes to life! Dancing-Sequential-Show-Startup/Shutdown multi colors or powerful and bright single colors anything is possible! We have partnered with the best companies on the market to provide the best products to our customers with options as reliable as they are mesmerizing! Every custom lighting array is quoted by the project so send us a email today to start making your dreams a reality! 

Price: Variable  

 RGB LED Strip - Do you want to add a custom and bright strip in your headlights that can be any color you want? RGB LED Strips provide personalized color to any part of your headlight with bright LEDs. As these are custom and will differ for each vehicle, the pricing is not uniform.

Price: Variable