Lighting Upgrade Services

Dynamic Lighting Premium HID Lighting Systems

This is where it all begins! When customers want better lighting on their vehicle this is what you would call our stage one. Using the best HID kits on the market is just the begining of our services but its a crucial component for us to provide you with the best options available on the market!

Aftermarket Custom Headlight Housings

Headlights NW offers a wide range of custom aftermarket headlights to fit any vehicle! From the new Dodge Ram trucks to 88 Honda Civics we have custom solutions to improve not only your night driving visability but also give your vehicle a completely new look! Stand out from the rest and upgrade to any of our Spyder, Spec-D, and many other aftermarket custom Headlights, Tail Lights, and Fog Lights!

Offroad LED and HID Lighting Systems

Headlights NW offers custom lighting solutions for any off road adventure style you enjoy! From the back woods to the dunes we have the absolute best LED and HID lighting solutions on the market! With brands like Vison-x, Kelvin and Oracle the options are endless! We offer so many different brands of off road lights we cant list them all. So whatever your heart desires we have the solution for you!


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