Got a question for Portlands Premier Mobile HID and Headlight Restoration Solution?

Here at Headlights NW we are dedicated to exceeding our customers expectations by providing the Premium Headlight Restoration and HID Lighting Systems available to the entire Portland Metro Area! Check out our FAQ section of the site to help guide you in the clearer direction!

1. I have heard all HID Systems are the same?

We get asked this all the time... and we always give the same answer! No They Are Not! The customers that come to us after going with the "Other Guys" have Flickering Problems, Brightness Issues, Light Failures, Install Issues and overall low Quality!

2. Why do you offer Free Basic Install with Trade In's?

We are proud of carrying the best HID Systems on the market and to help our customers get a better system at a lower cost then the competition we give our customers a credit when they come to us to trade up! The number one trade ins are the kits that come from HID Systems LLC which are all DC output kits! Not only are these kits inferior to ours but the difference with just swapping out their ballast produces not only TWICE the light but the Kelvin color shade is corrected! Check out our Youtube videos for more info! Its just another way we Bring Clarity Into View!

3. How much do you charge for Headlight Restoration?

Thats a great question! The price for Headlight Restoration normally ranges from $30 up to $100 a pair depending on the condition of the lens and the vehicle type! We also do Tail Light and Fog Light restoration as well as perform restorations on the inside of the lens! Which is a industry FIRST! Its just another way we lead the way when it comes to your headlight needs!

4. What kind of services do you offer to Semi Trucks?

The semi truck market is a very uniqe need and here at Headlights NW we are here to fill the void! Semi truck lighting systems are inadiqute to say the least! To make matters worse they drive more miles then any other vehicle on the road! We offer Headlight Restoration, HID Systems, Projector Retrofiting, LED Lights, Custom Fog Lights and Lamin-X protective films! All done where you park your truck! Even if its over night!

5. Can I Install the HID Systems myself?

The short answer to that question is yes! However HID systems can vary in install difficulty depending on the vehicle and system you chose! A perfect example is a 98 Honda Civic VS a 08 BMW 325I. The Civic will be a plug and play system with minimal difficulty. The BMW on the other hand will require modification to the bulb mount and require custom wiring to enable the kit to work correctly! So really its a question you need to answer for yourself. What we can tell you is our installs are guranteed for LIFE and they are done cleanly and correctlly the First time!


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